What about?

I dont have a good english, but it doesnt matter for me, the way is this…

I was reading a page that I found and I subscribed my self so I found many thing that I can choose to read or to share with everyone. I know that people is (are) free to share comments but really if you dont like something about idiology or else you dont have to read them…I mean I love God for me is my life and I respect every people if they dont trust God or believe or else I just do my work, I live my life and nothing else. I dont understand why people just leave comments unlikes and else if they dont like that kind of messages just dont like them you dont have to be rude with anybody…. maybe when is something in your page you can say anything but not rude If is not your business….just be quiet dont say anything for us it isnt edifying.

Just think about it …What about you…what about me what about everyone just live!!!


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